Letter Concerning the Forum on the Affordable Care Act

Appreciation for The American Institute for Progressive Democracy

Dear Editor:  

On  October 13  I attended a  public forum, ‘The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): How Will it Affect You?’  The forum consisted of a principal speaker, Dr. Gerald Kominski, Director of UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research, and a group of seven expert discussants representing various institutions whose members will be affected by the Act.  A ‘Q and A’  session followed.  

The forum was altogether excellent: clear, quite comprehensive, very informative and timely.  I only wish that more of us had been there.  The Affordable Care Act has many parts and implications for all of us.  People are struggling with decisions about their health care right now.  Health care is important.  There is a great deal of misinformation about the ACA being presented to the public by those on the right.  So this forum filled a great public need.  

A little research has revealed that the forum was one of an ongoing series sponsored by The American Institute for Progressive Democracy (TAIPD), a Claremont-based ‘think tank’ concerned with issues of public policy.  Although founded seven years ago by members of the Democratic Club of Claremont, it is in no way affiliated with that club or the Democratic Party.  TAIPD is broadly progressive, however vehemently non-partisan.  You can learn more about TAIPD by visiting its web-site: www.taipd.org.  

So I want to thank TAIPD for organizing the event.   Its next forum, March 12, 2014 concerns water issues here and worldwide.  I will certainly be there and hope you will as well.  Such forums and public discussions are among the things that make living in Claremont extraordinary.

Stephen Simon