Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note

The United States is on the cusp of a major change (actually several major changes) in the way that our economy is structured and functions and so on our lives. Americans, in order to follow those developments, will need to become more sophisticated in their understanding of some fundamental ideas of economics.

Readers of Progressive Democracy have the opportunity to begin that education by means of the following three papers.

Two are by Professor Norman Clark. While he writes from England and mentions the U.K. frequently, he wants to make it clear that the analysis he provides covers European and North American economies and that includes the United States. The main aim is to promote the need for a Universal Basic Income: a proposal with a long history, most recently the main idea of Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

The third is by Professor Andy Winnick. Its focus is on this country, on the Green New Deal as a solution to the disaster of global warming and to other pressing problems as well. He discusses what the GND is, why it is proposed, whether it is possible to satisfy both its major aims simultaneously, and how it is to be paid for.

It is interesting that both writers make it clear that Covid19 pandemic is making the issues worse and that what they argue for must not be understood abstractly but in the context of what The Virus has done to the world.

Moreover, both finish by saying that it will take political will to overcome those who have an entrenched position in existing economies and it defense of doing the same old thing even when the world has slipped elsewhere.

If you want to start seeing the future, think carefully about what Clark and Winnick have to say.