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August-October 2014 - Issue #22

Only 5 pupils present out of about 40 expected when beet work is over. School #1, Dist. 3, Ft. Morgan, Colo. Oct. 26/15, over five weeks after school opened. The poor attendance in all these schools is due, almost entirely to beet work.  Location: Fort Morgan, Colorado 

From the Editor

The regular quarterly production of Progressive Democracy hereby returns.   It contains, as usual, a wide variety of articles, long and short, expressing progressive ideas.  Read them all – or sample as you will.  Please comment if you are inclined.


By Tad Beckman

Capitalists and Conservative defenders of capitalism assume a form of capitalism in which there is no moral burden on Capitalists, no moral responsibility for the well being of those in the community who join in the productive process by selling their labor.

The “Jobless Recovery” in the U.S.: What Happened to the Jobs and to Wages & Why? And What Can be Done?

By Andy Winnick

For a brilliant and comprehensive account of where the U.S. economy now stands and why and what should be done, read this article.

Equality and the Declaration of Independence

By Merrill Ring

The conservatives, given their total commitment to freedom as a political value, read the Declaration of Independence as nothing more than an assertion of freedom.

Does Quantitative Easing = A Vibrant Economy?

By Bob Gerecke

No.  As the chair of the Fed knows, fiscal stimulus is necessary along with the monetary
stimulus of quantitative easing: the aim must be to get money into the hands of

An Open Letter to Senator Diane Feinstein on Edward Snowden

By Paul Wermer

A constituent tells Senator Feinstein how her attachment to the Select Intelligence Committee she serves on has led to a serious misjudgment about Edward Snowden’s revelations.

On Having a Baby

By Merrill Ring

The anti-abortionist thinks that talk of having a baby is loaded with theoretical commitments to the status of the fetus.  Well, to say ‘The sun rose’ should then commit us to a mistaken astronomical theory.

Fracking: While It’s Dangerous, There’s Money To Be Made, But Not By People Asked To Live With It

By John Grula

There is so much that is not understood about hydraulic fracturing (fracking) that, in view of the various dangers, a moratorium is needed – but then some people (corporations) are making quite good profits from the activity and so will fight to prevent that from happening.

Lessons in Liberty (Part III)

By Merrill Ring

Is it morally legitimate to restrict someone’s freedom?  Of course, it is.  Contrary to Rand Paul even freedom to do with one’s property what one wants can be rightly restricted as it was by the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

A Disillusioned American’s 4th of July Speech

By Clarke Rubel

We do not usually hear these sentiments in Independence Day addresses – but they are most likely the thoughts of a large number of Americans.

Pensions: Stop Shafting Employees

By Bob Gerecke and Andy Winnick

Insurance companies cannot arbitrarily reduce what they have contracted to pay.  Why should both private companies and governments be allowed to break their pension contracts when they wish?

Has Racism Really Vanished?

By Charles Bayer

Of course not.  Going underground is not vanishing.  Anyone who sincerely believes that white male opposition to Obama has nothing to do with race is thoroughly naïve.

Sex as a Hobby, Perhaps in the Lobby

By Merrill Ring

In the Hobby Lobby case there are larger cultural issues than the those the majority’s decision rested on.

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