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Progressive Democracy is publishing here a Special Issue:  it contains the majority of the proceedings of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy’s  conference on Water Scarcity and Solutions held March 1, 2014.  

Notes on Contributors


Planning for Drought: New Ideas About an Old Problem

By Char Miller

An introduction to the papers at the TAIPD conference on water

Enough for all? The Challenge of Ensuring Clean, Safe Water for a Thirsty World

By Heather Williams

There is enough water for all – but not for every purpose that human beings can use it for; consequently local democratic control over what locally available water are to be used for are necessary around the globe.

Implications of the Changing Climate for Future Water Use

By Branwen Williams

What does the latest science show about future water availability in Southern California?

The Third Dimension: Groundwater

By Richard Hazlett

It is ground-water not precipitation that is crucial to our water supplies: and we are over-depleting it and polluting it, often by policy.

The National Water Situation and What To Do About It

By Peter Gleick

Peter Gleick, a leading expert on water issues, presents a wide-ranging discussion of our circumstances and solutions to our problems.  The central theme is the need for taking the “soft path”, that is conservation, rather than indulging in massive water moving projects.

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan in the Nutshell of California Water Policy

By Brinda Sarathy

This massive project is the first big water project in the nation to be designed not just for human consumption but also for the needs of other species and the environment as well.  It is a conservation oriented plan, but aimed at conserving much more than what people alone need.

The Elusive Quest for Water Reform in California

By Heather Williams

Water Usage Reform in California (as in much of the West) is hampered by the remnants of past decisions, by the principles and the institutions embodying them of a by-gone era.

Water 101: For the Layman/Amateurs

By Henry S. Barbosa

A water policy lawyer tries to untangle the legal thickets of state water law: it is  “a grab bag body of law based in part on Roman civil law, German mining law, Spanish Land Grant Law, and English Common Law.”  

Thinking like a Watershed

By Char Miller

If we had been thinking like a watershed, how differently we would have arranged political lines in the west, creating water communities instead of the ramshackle arrangements that exist.

Our River, Our Story: Environmental Justice and Conservation in the Santa Ana River Watershed

By Megan Brousseau, Inland Empire Waterkeeper
How a group of women, under the umbrella of a federal program, organized to change one river, after years of official neglect, to a place for cool clear water and for human beings.

2014 Water Conference Videos

Water Scarcity & Solutions: Global to Local Conference March 1, 2014

List of videos of four sessions:

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