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The Impact of Israel’s Founding Myths on The Prospects for a Two-State Solution

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The Impact of Israel's Founding Myths on The Prospects for a Two-State Solution

by Andrew Winnick


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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy: Issue #25

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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy


July 2015 - Issue #25

There is No Global Warming – and Human Activity has Not Caused It!

By Charles Bayer
Senator James Inhofe is madly wrong about human c

Bad Water Choices

By John Grula
Drought is not just a problem in California.

When is it Equal?

By Merrill Ring
The topic of equality is much in the air these days.  But not all issues related to equality are being discussed.  Here is one such matter that needs to be made part of the current discussion.

Is There a Moral Right to Close Our Borders to Undocumented, Unaccompanied Immigrant Children?

By Laurence D. Houlgate
Do we have a right to exclude immigrants, especially children, as a matter of principle, without regard to any facts of the situation those immigrants find themselves in?  There are those with the view that current inhabitants have complete authority to decide who is to be admitted to their state.  But that view fails to take into account competing values including the moral concern to help those who desperately need help.

Does Marriage Require the Ability to Procreate?

By William Hyde and Merrill Ring
A central argument in the case against gay marriage assumes that procreation is the essence of marriage and, hence, denying same-sex couples the right to marry is not a harm to them since they cannot produce off-spring anyway. However, if that position were really thought through, it would prevent many heterosexual couples from marrying.

Current Executive Compensation Plans Focus Only on the Short Run

By Bob Gerecke
Will corporations and their executives be able to look thoughtfully into the future?  Present practices suggest that they live only for the here and now.

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The American Institute for Progressive Democracy is pleased to announce the publication of a book of essays drawn from the pages of its online journal Progressive Democracy.  The book, available from Amazon in both paperback and as an ebook (Kindle), is entitled 

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