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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy: Issue #27

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Quarterly Journal of The American Institute for Progressive Democracy


January - March - Issue 27

Immigration Reform: Evaluating Policy Options

By Ivan Light

What is the immigrant situation in the U.S. today?  What might be done?  What should be done?  A leading expert addresses those issues and concludes with what in the current hysterical context seems a shocking solution.

A Different Kind of War

By Charles Bayer

How do we respond to the recent growth of international terrorism?  No one knows.  But since our invasion of Iraq is what set these events loose, we must think through what we can and should do.

Pithy Polemics


The Morality of Capitalism

By Bob Gerecke, Ivan Light and Merrill Ring
Does capitalism have a moral center?

Bringing Financial Institutions Under Control

By Bob Gerecke
It is widely recognized on the left that our financial institutions caused the Great Recession and having been saved instead of controlled by our actions remain on the loose today.  To save ourselves from their depredations what do we need to do?

The Impact of Israel’s Founding Myths on The Prospects for a Two-State Solution

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The Impact of Israel's Founding Myths on The Prospects for a Two-State Solution

by Andrew Winnick

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Submission Guidelines

Having developed far enough to expand our ‘stable’ of writers to those not on the TAIPD board or connected thereto and so to ask others to submit appropriate material for publication here, it is important to develop and explain guidelines.

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